Saturday, July 7, 2012

Small Business and Regulations

The GOP loves to talk about “crushing regulatory burdens” on small businesses and they claim their policies will make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses and “create jobs.” 

"Crushing regulatory burden?"  "Crushing?"

I have never heard a conservative mention (and possibly many don’t even know) that many, if not most, business regulations exempt small businesses.  

And the GOP leaders ignore that many regulations protect small businesses from the giant businesses' practices. In fighting regulations, are they really on the side of small businesses?  When is the last time a small business contributed enough to them to get their attention?

It seems to me that if the GOP and right wingers really wanted to unleash the pent-up entrepreneurial power in America and help them create jobs, they would support a national health care system - think of how many people with great ideas are unable to start businesses because the need health insurance and the cost of it for a new business is prohibitive.

Or maybe they'd fight against the tax schemes that allow huge mega-retailers to invade our towns and push small businesses out - aka "crushing" small business people.

(Regarding regulations: I practiced law doing regulatory compliance from the 70s to the 90s and I later lobbied on behalf of small businesses for a particular trade.)