Thursday, May 14, 2009

Swing And a Miss....

If you are going to pursue truth, you have to be prepared to change your mind!

I’m a regular reader ofthe blogs at and believe that site publishes much of value.

Today, however, the site said: "Karl Rove declared that House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi (D-CA) was 'an accomplice to ‘torture,’”

I believe that was a misleading characterization.

Rove was writing in the conditional sense and did not make the flat out statement attributed to him, creating the impression that he implicitly admitted torture was used:

"If Mrs. Pelosi considers the enhanced interrogation techniques to be torture, didn't she have a responsibility to complain at the time, introduce legislation to end the practices, or attempt to deny funding for the CIA's use of them? If she knew what was going on and did nothing, does that make her an accessory to a crime of torture...? [Emphasis added.]

Swing and a miss for ThinkProgress.

But they still have one heck of a high batting average

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