Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My comments in response to an OFA member survey how how "we" can best advance Obama's agenda:

I have grave reservations about President Obama's agenda and approach - he has frozen out the liberal voice of the party and has catered to the right wing noise machine.

OFA should be a voice of and advocate for liberalism - not a "yes man" for whatever position President Obama appeasingly accepts as it is foisted on him from the extreme right.

I knew he wasn't a liberal when I voted for him, so my disappointment is tempered, but I have growing disenchantment with his increasing acceptance of conservative positions.

In 2010, I will support liberals. I will oppose appeasers and LINOs.

Please tell President Obama that we need >>Real Change<< - not the crap we've seen so far.

I believe his poll numbers are dropping because he has abandoned those who supported him.

30 years of right wing anarchistic chanting that "Government is the problem" and "free enterprise is the solution" was proven wrong headed in 2009.

It is Obama's job to tell the American people that deregulation and the credo that "free enterprise" is always best" caused the financial collapse and to push to reinstate real regulation of the financial industry.

And please tell him that his alliances with Goldman Sachs is extremely disturbing to those who haven't dropped the soap in the showers of every sector of the financial industries.

Best regards and with real hope for real change that I can believe in....

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