Friday, February 25, 2011

Standing Up to Bullies

It seems to me that, while President Obama's drive for bi-partisanship and moderation is laudable, he has become nothing more than the skinny kid being taunted in the congressional schoolyard as the bullies run him ragged playing keep-away. And without his leadership, the democrats in Congress are rudderless.

Each of his "moderate" responses simply encourages the bullies to ever more extreme demands, and until Obama learns that there are times a leader has to actually lead, to take a position and stand by it, learns to stand up to the bullies, the lurching to rightwing extremism will only accelerate.

The time is long past for President Obama to stand up to extremism. He no longer looks statesman-like or presidential - he looks weak and ineffective.

The "accomplishments" of the first two years? Passage of bills which are gravely compromised or embodiments of Republican policies and goals is not accomplishment, it is surrender.

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