Monday, June 13, 2011

Breaking News Mr President

You're reading it here first: President Obama is going to lose in 2012.

The GOP has consistently out maneuvered him in framing the message of the day and he is always a couple of steps behind them.

He has pizzed off his base and won't have the ground game he had in 2008.

He has, to a large extent,* dropped the ball on creating jobs and has made GOP policies, which really don't work, his own.

The only thing he has going for him is whether independents and moderates will pick up on how extreme whoever the GOP candidate is, and the GOP is really good at creating smoke screens.

No more hope for me, and the only change I've seen is the President changing into a Republican.

= = = =
* On edit.

After doing some hard looking at the numbers, his record on jobs isn't terrible, and we are wll ahead of where we were when he took office, but I believe he lost his focus on job growth and that if he had kept it as a current important issue, and if he had effectively communicated about the issue, the situation would be better than it is.


  1. Your "On edit" is closer to the truth. If the economy improves at all, Obama is unbeatable. If the economy stumbles, then it is a contest and a lot will depend on whether the public blames the Republican house or not.

  2. Rich - the problem Obama has is that he has not been able to successfully counter any GOP attack on him, and they are already firing the big and misleading guns on the jobs situation.

    I just posted an analysis on FB breaking down the raw numbers, but damned if I can find it now - it was likely to be my next post here -- ahhh, just found it. A little brushing uop and it'll be good to go