Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rewarding Risk Takers

Conservatives argue that most of the wealth produced in our country should go to the investors - after all, they are the ones who have "taken the risk."

What about the workers.  No risk?

A worker risks his entire livelihood on whether the managers will screw up.  And whether the managers will decide to ship the jobs overseas or to some other state that cuts 'em a tax deal.  On whether the managers will decide they don't like his haircut or sexual orientation or type of car he drives and fire him.

A worker risks his livelihood on whether a venture capitalist will invade and and gut his pension and milk the company of its assets and toss it, shriveled and gutted into the gutters lining the "free market" abattoir. 

The idea that the capitalists deserve most of the wealth produced in our nation because they are the one's who "take risks" ignores the cold bright light of waking reality.

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