Saturday, January 1, 2011

Chief Justice Heal Thyself

In his annual report on the state of the federal judiciary, Chief Justice Roberts called attention to the desperate need for more judges, and he called attention to political obstructionism which is to blame.

Sadly, however, Chief Justice Roberts blamed both parties.

In the cold bright light of waking reality, the current Republican Senators have blocked far more nominees than any senate in the past - at more than twice the rate of as under Bush II.

The Chief Justice wrote: “Each political party has found it easy to turn on a dime from decrying to defending the blocking of judicial nominations, depending on their changing political fortunes.”

The facts belie the not so subtle suggestion that both parties are equally responsible:

The Chief Justice continued his critique: “There remains, however, an urgent need for the political branches to find a long-term solution to this recurring problem.”

Chief Justice Roberts, there is also an urgent need for a non-politically biased judiciary; your misleading characterization of the problem is stunning display of the very partisanship you criticize.

Physician, heal thyself

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