Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Disguised Republican President

Mr President, today on your Facebook page, you spoke of >>unleashing the talent and ingenuity of American businesses and American workers in every corner of this country.

American workers are too busy still worrying about jobs, Mr President, and have little gumption left to unleash anything, especially where all of the reward will go to corporate CEOs and shareholders. All of it! "They" have gotten ever richer while middle and lower class workers pay and standard of living has been stagnant for 30 years.

Corporations have done many fine things over the years. Sadly, creating wealth for anyone other than senior corporate executives has not been an achievement of late.

You're obviously a really bright guy, bu I wonder if you nodded off the day they taught about the effects of rewards (and non-reward) on human behavior.

Unless you change and start to push for and promote the interests of American workers instead of the interests of America's corporations and Americans wealthiest, your role as a great disguised Republican president will be cemented in history.

Words alone, even inspiring words from on high, will not long inspire people to act where there is no reward in sight.

For 30 years the richer have gotten richer and the rest of us have been treading water, despite having bled for increases in productivity. The idea that a rising tide lifts all boats works in the harbor; sadly, it turns out that it doesn't work in our economy. We have worked harder and harder with no real reward.

You speak of hope. We look at our economic condition fr the past 30 years and at your adherence to the economics of corporatism and find that your words of "hope" simply don't apply to our economic situations. Not without change we actually experience.

When I worked for your election, I knew you weren't a liberal. Sadly, I didn't know that you are a closet Republican.

If your sense of "what is possible" aligns only with Republican ideas and abandons those of Democrats, then you should step aside now and let a real Democrat lead.

You speak of necessary compromise. In my world compromise means each side gives some. The only give, the only compromise from conservatives is that they won't insist today that we privatize social security and Medicare. They'll hold off an insist on that tomorrow.

A few months ago you promised you wouldn't give on extending the tax cuts for the rich. That was on November 11, 2010: "President Obama was adamant on Friday that he isn't caving in to GOP pressure to extend the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans" New York Daily News.

If all you can do is give up stuff, and not insist that Republicans do the same, if what you have achieved so far is the best you can do, sadly I have come to believe your presidency is a failure.

Yeah, you've had a few "victories." Tax cuts for all! That is republican dream and victory. Repeal of DADT. You didn't lead on that, you followed the clear will of the people. Etc. Remember, the majority of Americans wants the public option, but you caved. ACA did some good stuff, but it left the American people even more ensnared in the clutches of the insurance industry.

In your first 2 years, I see a lot of victories for the Republicans, and few for the Democrats. And these have been because the majority voiced simply couldn't be ignored

I hate to tell you this, but you've blown it.

Its time to step aside and give Democrats a chance to rally and win in 2012.

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