Monday, August 1, 2011

The Great Obama Spelunking Adventure

I just viewed a message from the President emailed to me Monday morning after The Great Obama Spelunking Adventure. (A.K.A. "He Caved.")

He said "we settled this the only way we could."

The idea that capitulation to the right winger extremists is"only way we could settle this" is nothing if not an admission of your failure of leadship, Mr. President.

President Obama argued that this situation has "launched an important debate about how we approach the big challenges we face...."

No, Mr President, this "deal" has answered that debate, which has been raging throughout your presidency." Sadly, when a strong leader was most needed, your answer has consistently been surrender to the extremists.

"... and about whether we tackle our challenges by calling on our best values as one country."

"One country," Mr President? With a sadly powerful yet tiny minority of extremists willing to scuttle our nations strength and economy, you think we are "one nation?" You think we can be one nation when the GOP can only answer "No?"

"This chapter is over but the work of the great debate continues."

I'm starting to think you really are delusional. A temporary insanity, I hope. This isn't just putting the best face on a bad situation and a timid response to it.

Your speech seems to demonstrate you really don't have a clue as to just how badly you have done as President and in fulfilling the President's role, his duty, as leader of the country.

I weep for America. When we desperately need leader, we get capitulation and your fantasy defense.


  1. Any chance we could wait until the deal is agreed to before we start with the post-mortems?

  2. Good question.

    I think the answer is that regardless of whether the deal passes, it has become clear (as if it wasn't already) that Obama simply cannot stand up to the extremists.

    He cannot lead the nation. I think he should resign, myself, his failure is so manifest and the consequences of continuing his presidency are so urgent.

  3. I'm not sure Biden would be any better. :-(