Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bush's Stimulus Package II

Yesterday I posted a message about Bush's Stimulus Package, but the graphic left a bit to be desired.

This chart shows the year to year growth (changes) in federal spending.

Note that Bush increased spending significantly - which, by another name, is a stimulus package. This graph shows how much stimulative growth in spending we saw under Bush.*

Also note that the Obama 2009 spike includes (i) TARP spending which was enacted during Bush's administration, and the Recovery Stimulus package, which was enacted to combat the effects of Bush's Recession. We can differ on how much of the 2009 spending is the responsibility of Bush and how much the responsibility of Obama. See, e.g.,

* (Note that my source from which these figures were calculated does not indicate if they include the "off-balance sheet" spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, which were not included in Bush's budgets, but were paid for with "supplemental appropriations" and noit included in the budget itself. My source was


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