Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will His Coffin Be Nailed Shut Tonight?

What the heck, I may as well go out on a limb and thrill my many followers:

I'm afraid that without bold action and proposals, in tonight's "jobs" address to Congress President Obama will be nailing the lid shut on his re-election chances in 2012

I believe President Obama has failed as president because too many of his policy initiatives have been modified to reflect extreme positions in the right wing.

He has failed to deliver a vision of governance or leadership to the American people and has become little more than an echo chamber for failed GOP economic ideas.

Some speak of his leadership of the American people as a whole.

A very large majority of the American people supported the public option in the health care bill. After a few tepid references to the public option in some early speeches, he never pushed for it - again, what the majority of people wanted.

More than 70% of the American people want tax increases on the richest, and he hasn't even asked for that, much less pushed for it.

It seems as if Obama can't even follow the American people, much less lead them.

I view this as a leadership failure of unprecedented degree.

The majority of American people are shouting for him to stand up to the GOP and become a leader.

This is almost certainly his last chance to do so.

The private sector has not produced job growth over the past 11 years despite tax cuts and deregulation.

I believe that if Obama limits himself to hoping that jobs will mysteriously appear if he and we just continue to embrace GOP policies, to hoping that the private sector will somehow be induced to create jobs through tax cuts, he will have nailed the coffin lid shut on his re-election chances in 2012, because those GOP policies implemented over the past 11 years haven
n't created jobs. More of the same will lead to the same results.

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