Friday, September 9, 2011

'Red Tape' and Republican-Lite

I'm still digesting President Obama's address on jobs last night.

But what's this "red tape" business, Mr President?

Is there a GOP jingle you don't buy into?

In case you didn't notice, "Red tape" is just another, underhanded way of referring to and slighting regulations.

Regulations save lives, Mr President. They save our environment, they protect our economy. And they protect jobs!

"Job killing regulations?" Pure right wing jingoism.

Regulations are checks and balances on, inter alia, corporations getting away with risky and even deadly self-serving acts to maximize profits for investors. Corporate self-interests are not always aligned with our country's self-interests.*

"Job killing regulations?" Go ahead, gut the EPA. We don't need all those jobs in the tourism and outdoor sports industries. We don't need all those "waste management" jobs.

Mr President, do you really think we don't need all that stuff that regulations protect? Sure, go ahead, buy into another GOP short-sighted, pro-business anti-people and anti-country idea. Whatever is good maximizing corporate profits is good for America, right?

Please Mr President, don't keep buying into right wing ideas and issue framing

For Pete's sake, don't you understand that you're losing support because in 2008 53% of the American people thought they were voting for a Democrat?

Please, understand, you caught a dangerous economic infection when you were hanging out with those Chicago School of Economics types. And that infection is going to kill your second term. And the American economy, as well.

= = = =
* Re "self-interests"

Please compare:

"Maximize Investor Profits"


  • form a more perfect Union,
  • establish Justice,
  • insure domestic Tranquility,
  • provide for the common defence,
  • promote the general Welfare, and
  • secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"

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