Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Not Whining Mr Vice President

Whining? You think we’re Whining?

I’m sorry Mr Vice President, I must have misheard you; I thought you said we liberals and progressives are whining.

Someone needs to get his ears checked. Maybe some waxy buildup?

We’ve been shouting, Mr Vice President. LOUDLY. We’ve tried to do so with the respectful tones appropriate for writing to you guys - maybe you’ve been so busy ignoring the hateful insults from the right that you just haven’t heard us.

Here’s a tip: we’re used to the hateful attacks from the right wing extremists; attacks from our own party’s leaders just don’t make us feel too enthusiastic.

I’ve voted in every presidential election since 1972; at the presidential level, I’ve voted for the Democratic candidate in each of them.

I thought I was voting for a Democratic candidate in 2008. I actually worked my butt off for you guys, door knocking and manning the telephone banks and arguing on-line and off.

I knew President Obama wasn’t a liberal, despite what some said. Unfortunately, I mistook him for a Democrat.

With all due respect, Democrats don’t kick the crap our of the autoworker union (who have been making concessions for years to do their part in saving the auto-industry) and then turn around and let Wall Street walk all over them. (Another analogy involving soap and looking for Wall Street showers to drop it in shall remain unspoken for the sake of the children present....)

I follow politics pretty closely. You guys have let the right wing crap all over you and all over the Democratic Party and liberals.

And now you expect us to develop some enthusiasm because....? You expect us to think “gee, if we just keep this election from being a rout, the administration will start standing up to the bullies and work to promote the core values of the Democratic Party?”

With all due respect, Mr. Vice President, we aren’t whining and we aren’t stupid.

Maybe if you guys spend October standing up for the time honored Democratic vision of America cherished by us, maybe, just maybe, we’ll decide there is a chance you’ll stand-up to the bullies.

I’ll hold my breath, but not for too long.

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